My Most Embarrassing Spanish Language Mistake

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Story time!

Even though I’ve been learning Spanish for more than 10 years now, there are still a lot of things I need repeating, need to repeat, or just straight up don’t understand. Today I’m going to write about the most drastic and embarrassing misunderstanding I had when I had just moved to Guadalajara in 2014. Fortunately, I managed to cover it up at the time and nobody actually realised, but I still cringe about how I could have interpreted something so completely wrong…  Continue reading


Summer Moodboard & Memories

Normally when I make moodboards I include words or write down thoughts that relate to the season or to the pictures. This time I wanted to do something different – when I was searching for pictures that represent summer, I couldn’t help but start reminiscing about the amazing summers I had when I was younger, from when I was only a few years old right up to the long holidays I had when I was a student. There’s too much to say in just a couple of words, so I wanted to write a bit more to accompany these pictures. Continue reading

Best Websites for Learning Languages

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Hello, Hola, Bonjour and Guten Tag!

Today I want to post about my favourite websites and apps for learning new languages. Firstly I’ll admit that I’ve never used a site or app for long enough to know whether you can really reach a high level (this is the reason I know just a few words in many languages) but, having studied Spanish for 10 years and still making mistakes all the time, I’ll say I doubt it. However, I’m so, so pro-language-learning that I definitely encourage the use of this kind of software! It’s fun, easy and a much better way to kill time on a commute than just zoning out.

I’ve tried out quite a few different websites, but these are the ones I have really liked. Continue reading

Feria San Marcos, Aguascalientes

Last weekend was an exciting one, calling for a major celebration for the 24th birthday of this very special human! (Also taking the opportunity to show off Bowie, our insanely cute puppy, maybe even the cutest puppy in the whole world.)

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But, back to the very special human. We planned to visit the state of Aguascalientes to visit a friend of his, and to invite another friend from Mexico City. It just so happened that the weekend also coincided with a “puente” (a bank holiday Monday), and the Feria Nacional de San Marcos, a huge (I mean huge) festival of culture, music, tradition…but mostly alcohol. Continue reading

Let’s Go To The Beach

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The Easter Holidays are finally here – well, they’ve been here for a whole week now,  but I’ve been trying to just enjoy the time off work and not think about how fast they’re going!

I was really, really looking forward to these holidays because I finally had the chance to go to my favourite place on Earth – Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico! I went for the first time in February 2015 and just fell completely in love with the tiny, hippie surf village. Yes, it’s very touristy, especially now that everyone has holidays (or “vacations”) but it’s easy to see why everyone wants to go there to relax.  Continue reading

Things No One Tells You About Being a Teacher

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I’ve just finished my second month of being a 3rd and 4th grade teacher (about 5 weeks of teaching totally by myself, unsupervised.) Naturally it has been a huge learning curve and I know I’ve still got a long way to go before I feel totally organised and confident (and like I’m actually good at it) but I’ve made some observations along the way. A lot of what I’ve learnt about teaching, and about kids, has come as quite unexpected. Even teacher friends and relatives couldn’t have prepared me for a lot of them.  Continue reading

Packing 101: Capsule Wardrobes and Kindles

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I think packing a suitcase for most people goes a little something like this:

  1. Open suitcase.
  2. Empty entire wardrobe onto bed.
  3. Go and do something else.

Nobody enjoys packing for a trip of any length – why is it so difficult to fill (not overfill) a suitcase? Why is it that, regardless of how little you actually need, you always end up sitting on the damn thing trying to get it closed? And why is packing so boring/tiring? I don’t know.

But I will say this: you absolutely don’t need to do what I did and bring enough beauty/haircare products to last an entire year. That’s how you end up paying for an extra 5kg of luggage. Continue reading

Contrast and Compare: City Life

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I can’t really imagine living anywhere except in a city. I like the countryside (sometimes) but only for short periods of time, to relax and decompress. Mostly, I like having everything I need and want within walking distance of my house – I like to be surrounded by shops, cafes, restaurants, libraries, schools and universities, and people. But, I’m also picky about the cities that I like. They have to be big but not too big – I want to walk everywhere and not rely too much on buses, trains and undergrounds. Even though I live in Guadalajara now, and I love this city, Manchester is still my favourite.

Continue reading

Now Writing from Mexico!

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If anybody followed my last blog (Love Travel Revive) you might know I studied for a year in Guadalajara, Mexico. A lot has happened since then – I graduated from University, moved back home, got a job in my hometown, started writing for Pink Pangea and got a puppy. But the most exciting thing that came my way was a job offer from a primary school in Mexico. It was a long wait, a lot of visa stress and doubts about where I would live when I got here (and if it was what I really wanted to do) but finally, five months later, I’m back in the land of tequila and tacos. Continue reading