Feria San Marcos, Aguascalientes

Last weekend was an exciting one, calling for a major celebration for the 24th birthday of this very special human! (Also taking the opportunity to show off Bowie, our insanely cute puppy, maybe even the cutest puppy in the whole world.)

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, dog and eyeglasses

But, back to the very special human. We planned to visit the state of Aguascalientes to visit a friend of his, and to invite another friend from Mexico City. It just so happened that the weekend also coincided with a “puente” (a bank holiday Monday), and the Feria Nacional de San Marcos, a huge (I meanĀ huge) festival of culture, music, tradition…but mostly alcohol. Continue reading


Review: Panic! At the Disco, 17/11/16


People who know me know that I neverĀ really grew out of my 2006 emo phase. Yep, it’s 2016, I’m 23 and my favourite bands haven’t really changed in 10 years. My biggest regret in life is having not seen My Chemical Romance in concert, which is why about 2 weeks ago I threw caution to the wind and spent about half of my month’s wages on tickets to see Panic! At the Disco in Manchester. Continue reading