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This is my first time completing one of these “tagged” things, but I was nominated to answer some questions by Angy over at someangiestuff and it seems like a fun way to connect with new bloggers! Thanks Angy 🙂

Here are her questions for her nominated bloggers, and my answers. Continue reading


Self Care Ideas

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First it was #mindfulness, then it was #hygge, now the buzzword of the moment seems to be #selfcare. In no way am I criticising this – I actually think these “trends” that should be common sense are beneficial – it’s kind of sad that enjoying pleasant things and taking proper care of ourselves is fashionable rather than something everyone just does. But if we need hashtags, magazine headlines and blog posts to remind us to take a step back, switch off and do something we enjoy and makes us feel good, then so be it – as long as we actually do it.

Self Care is different for everyone, but there are some basic things that everyone should be doing to take care of their bodies and minds, for overall health and wellbeing. However, I suspect many people (myself included) neglect the most basic things:

  1. Eating regular, healthy meals.
  2. Getting enough sleep.
  3. Doing, and enjoying, exercise.

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Favourite Spring Outfits

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Even in sunny Mexico, during the spring it can be unexpectedly cold and surprisingly, April showers exist here, too. For that reason, I think Spring outfits are transferable and wearable just about anywhere (although back in England, more layers might be necessary.) I haven’t written much about fashion yet but window shopping and looking online at pretty clothes is my recompense for 1) not having a lot of money and 2) trying not to be too materialistic. So, even though I don’t own most of these clothes, this is my dream springtime wardrobe. Continue reading

Packing 101: Capsule Wardrobes and Kindles

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I think packing a suitcase for most people goes a little something like this:

  1. Open suitcase.
  2. Empty entire wardrobe onto bed.
  3. Go and do something else.

Nobody enjoys packing for a trip of any length – why is it so difficult to fill (not overfill) a suitcase? Why is it that, regardless of how little you actually need, you always end up sitting on the damn thing trying to get it closed? And why is packing so boring/tiring? I don’t know.

But I will say this: you absolutely don’t need to do what I did and bring enough beauty/haircare products to last an entire year. That’s how you end up paying for an extra 5kg of luggage. Continue reading

Favourite LUSH Facial Cleansers


Anyone who knows me even a little bit knows that I LOVE Lush. I don’t have many beauty products that I buy regularly – I experiment a lot to find things that really work for me, but some of Lush’s facial cleansers are, or have been, totally indispensable. I’ve also tried a few which I’ve liked but not repurchased, mostly because they were outshined by a different cleanser, but I’ve decided to review them anyway – I would honestly recommend everything I’ve ever tried from Lush.

3975Angels on Bare Skin

Rating: 😍😍😍😍

Best For: Sensitive Skin

This is the first cleanser that I tried from Lush. I think I was mostly attracted to the name, but after reading some reviews I decided to try it out, liking the idea of natural ingredients that would care for my skin. I ended up using it every day for quite a while, and I still love to use it from time to time when my skin needs something gentle and calming. Angels on Bare Skin is a little bit exfoliating, which is great, but the real benefit is the balancing, calming and restoring. I’m also crazy about rose oils at the moment, which Angels On Bare Skin contains, along with lavender. Surprisingly, it doesn’t smell great, but that doesn’t take away from all the good it does for your skin. Continue reading

Winter Beauty Essentials

Winter is my favourite time of year for serious pampering. In my opinion, our bodies, minds and souls all need a bit of extra TLC when it’s cold and dark outside, and rainy days are the perfect excuse to stay in and treat ourselves. So, here are some of my favourite things to beautify your skin and hair and leave you feeling comforted and polished, ready to take on the cold winter weather. Everything I have featured here comes from companies which do not test on animals.

The Body Shop Body Butter


These super thick, moisturising body creams are a classic and for good reason. I have tried out a lot of body butters and nothing comes close to the Body Shop original. The Shea scent is my favourite, it’s neutral and subtle so it’s perfect to wear under perfume, but there are loads of others to choose from, from fresh and floral to vibrant and fruity. These Body Butters are ideal to use all over your body and leave your skin feeling deeply hydrated, nourished and soft, but I especially recommend using it generously on your feet before bed to pamper those piggies. Continue reading