Autumn Moodboard

October is here, the equinox has passed, and it’s officially freezing. My last post was about hygge and in a way this one is a continuation, featuring some hygge ideas and hobbies. I’m going to be putting together a simple autumn moodboard (mostly using ideas from pinterest) and hopefully giving you some ideas to make your own, so you can be as digital or as crafty as you like! Continue reading


Happy September! Think #HYGGE

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image from The Guardian

It’s my favourite time of year, so I will be writing a lot of autumn-themed posts! It’s the perfect time to write about a concept I have been hearing a lot about lately – hygge. The Danish word has no English translation, but the best way I can think of to describe it is cosiness, familiarity and simplicity. Visit Denmark sums it up perfectly: Danish winters are long and dark, so the danes fight it with their best weapon: hygge, and the millions of candles that go with it.

Hmm, sounds a lot like British winters… Continue reading