My Most Embarrassing Spanish Language Mistake

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Story time!

Even though I’ve been learning Spanish for more than 10 years now, there are still a lot of things I need repeating, need to repeat, or just straight up don’t understand. Today I’m going to write about the most drastic and embarrassing misunderstanding I had when I had just moved to Guadalajara in 2014. Fortunately, I managed to cover it up at the time and nobody actually realised, but I still cringe about how I could have interpreted something so completely wrong… 

One of the classes I chose to take in my first semester as an exchange was called “Editorial Design.” As an aspiring writer/journalist/editor, this of course sounded extremely interesting, and since my University at home hadn’t specified the type of classes I should take, I went for it.

It didn’t take long for me to realise that 1) I was in way over my head and 2) This class wasn’t really anything to do with editorial design. In the first class, the teacher (whilst speaking very fast and indistinctly) showed us how to make a notebook from scratch. We put together the pages with glue and string and I can’t remember what else, but when it came to writing down the homework, I clearly got very, very confused.

The teacher listed a few things we needed to bring for the next class to make the cover for the notebook: resistol blanco (PVA glue), tela (fabric) and cascaron de huevo (egg shell). Obviously I thought it was very weird that we would need to bring egg shells, but that was definitely what he had said.

Hint: we didn’t need to bring egg shells. Obviously.

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The next class was the next day so I went into town, bought my glue and my fabric, and some eggs. The next morning, I wasn’t planning to eat any eggs so I cracked two into a bowl, left them in the fridge, put the shells in a bag and very carefully took them to Uni, hoping they wouldn’t break. When I got to class, I realised everyone else had also brought big sheets of thick cardboard.

The worst part is, it still didn’t click that I had misunderstood and no one else had very carefully packed a bag full of egg shells. It was only when the teacher saw that I didn’t have my cardboard and instructed me to go and buy a sheet from the nearby shop, cascaron de huevo, that I got it.

I was supposed to go the shop called Egg Shell. Not bring an egg shell.

I promptly dropped the class and avoided the teacher for the rest of the year.

The End.

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