Summer Moodboard & Memories

Normally when I make moodboards I include words or write down thoughts that relate to the season or to the pictures. This time I wanted to do something different – when I was searching for pictures that represent summer, I couldn’t help but start reminiscing about the amazing summers I had when I was younger, from when I was only a few years old right up to the long holidays I had when I was a student. There’s too much to say in just a couple of words, so I wanted to write a bit more to accompany these pictures.

Paddling in the Sea and Exploring Rock Pools

Who doesn’t love paddling? I firmly believe that you are never too old to roll up your trousers, take off your shoes and dip your feet into the sea (and then, if you’re in the UK, squeal and run away because it’s freezing.) Whilst I wouldn’t recommend paddling in the sea in Morecambe, I remember picking up pretty shells on the beach and sitting by the rock pools looking for crabs and little fish. I still get excited about seeing a crab scuttling out from under a rock!

Strawberry Picking 

One of my favourite things to do in the summer when I was little was to go strawberry picking. I think this is a uniquely British summer passtime and something that’s impossible not to enjoy. If I were to go strawberry picking now, I think I would top off the day by having afternoon tea with scones, jam, cream and fresh strawberries.

Family Holidays in Caravans

Some of the best holidays I can remember are the ones when I was little with my mum, dad and brother. We’d go somewhere (I don’t think it really mattered where, I think we had some of these holidays in the UK and some abroad? I can’t really remember) and stay for a week in a caravan park. When I was too young to care about ~culture~ the most fun I could possibly have was swimming in a pool and eat an ice lolly from the shop on the campsite.

Days at the Park

One thing that I miss so, so much about high school is the days I would spend with my group of friends in various parks around town. We would meet up after school and play frisbee for a couple of hours, or spend entire days during the holidays lounging around, playing card games or just chatting. I really hope that 14/15 year olds still do this, even though it seems to be more fun to play with a smartphone now, I hope they’re not missing out on the simple things.

Travelling with Friends

One of my best summer experiences was my first holiday abroad without my parents. I think I was quite late to do this – most people have their first ‘girls/lads holiday’ when they finish their A Levels (or maybe even earlier?) but I didn’t travel without a real adult until I was 19. I went interrailing in Europe with 2 friends and thankfully, nothing went horrendously wrong! We had a great time visiting 7 countries (I can’t remember how many cities!) in 3 weeks. It wasn’t luxurious, but the experience was priceless. I think that first time travelling independently is probably what gave me the ‘travel bug.’

Two years later I did something similar with my best friend of 10 years – she came to visit me in Mexico and we spent another 3 weeks being tourists in the South of the country. This time it was luxurious, we saved up and treated ourselves to nice hotels and day trips. I mean, you can’t go to Cancun and not visit Chichen Itza. The final stop on our journey was Havana, Cuba. I had been wanting to go to Cuba for so long and I’m so glad I finally got to see it.

Although I still love travelling and I’ll take any opportunity I get to go somewhere new, I think it’s important to continue enjoying the little things about summer. All throughout the year we have chances to appreciate simple pleasures – spending time with family and friends, being in nature and away from our electronics, enjoying the sights, sounds and smells and tastes of the season. Make the most of the sun, be wild and free!



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