Favourite Spring Outfits

Untitled design.jpg

Even in sunny Mexico, during the spring it can be unexpectedly cold and surprisingly, April showers exist here, too. For that reason, I think Spring outfits are transferable and wearable just about anywhere (although back in England, more layers might be necessary.) I haven’t written much about fashion yet but window shopping and looking online at pretty clothes is my recompense for 1) not having a lot of money and 2) trying not to be too materialistic. So, even though I don’t own most of these clothes, this is my dream springtime wardrobe.


Starting with something simple and classic – I’m not hugely adventurous when it comes to style, so this would definitely be a go-to outfit for me. Details like the watch and sunglasses make it look put together. I also think all these items could be mixed and matched, so they’d all get a lot of wear.

The point I’m making here is colourful shoes! Yellow is probably my favourite spring/summer colour but I love the combination of jeans, stripes and these orange shoes. It’s also time for more open, strappy shoes, even if they’re not exactly sandals. Boot season is over (just kidding, boots are for life.)


This is probably my favourite outfit on the list, purely because of the top/dress. I love the colours and the floral pattern. These shoes dress it up a bit, but not too much that it isn’t an everyday outfit. Generally I’m not a fan of white jeans, but these look like they’d match perfectly – although I’d still probably go for leggings or blue jeans.

Let’s get one thing straight – I love dungarees. But I can never find any that fit me properly! I have tried on so many pairs and they’re always a weird length – they don’t come up high enough unless they are way, way too big. But I love both these styles – the denim is more “me” but the floral pattern and pop of colour is very cute for Spring.


Oh look, more stripes! And a redhead model! (why don’t her legs look like raw sausages like mine do??) Stripes of any colour are so chic and suit everyone, and I love this long sleeved shirt and A-line skirt combination. I actually love A-line skirts in general, and this navy one is very versatile. This outfit is so easy and practical, so it’s ideal for lazy dressers like me.


A lot of my winter clothes and the few things I bought for spring just happened to be pink. I never thought I was a “pink” kind of girl, but it turns out, I definitely am, especially when it comes to anything rose gold or blush (for some reason I can’t stand the word “dusky”, but I love the colour.) Sunglasses and jumpers are essential for chilly but sunny days, and you can never have too many converse trainers.

I pretty much live in jeans so when the weather gets hot, denim shorts are the natural choice. High-waisted is my go-to style, whether with a crop top or tucked-in. My favourite outfit is the one on the right, especially the tights and the forest green colour of the jumper. I would definitely wear that exact combination at home where it’s colder (with boots, of course.) But I also love the cute daisy print of the other t-shirt, and the hair bow!

I could probably write forever about my clothes wish-list, but I’ll try to keep it fairly concise and stick with themes rather than listing absolutely everything that I’ve got my eyes on. I do, however, have a Pinterest board with lots more outfits (all the pictures are taken from there.) You can find it here.

More Easter themed posts coming soon!


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