Dear Crafters…


This post is dedicated to my good friend Alice who has been hard at work creating her own business! Her online store finally launched a few days ago and I am IN LOVE with her gorgeous yarns and knitting and crochet accessories, so I just had to try and spread the word.

A while ago on my old blog I wrote about how happy I was that knitting and crocheting are back in fashion and I still am. Crafts are such a simple and universal pleasure, even if you think you’re not good at them, everyone likes cutting and sticking and everyone can learn how to knit a simple pattern. And, everyone needs a break from staring at a computer or TV screen to do something creative. That’s why I was so excited when Alice first told me about her plans to start up a craft company. What a great way to encourage people from all walks of life to come together and forget about the stresses of the modern world.

So, without further ado, I present to you my favourite pieces from Alice Yarn. Head over to to check out the full range!

First of all, I have to talk about Tickled Pink. The gorgeous wool you can see above is not only different shades of pastel pink but it also has a little hint of silver sparkle, so naturally, I love it! Alice suggests making a shawl, socks or a baby cardigan out of this yarn and I can definitely see why – just looking at the colour makes me broody, but I’d also settle for a pair of cosy, sparkly socks.


Next up we have probably my favourite colour from the whole collection, Heather, and the beautiful bright blue Hunter. I would love to make a hat or silky-soft scarf from Heather’s Alpaca, Silk and Cashmere blend – perfect for a bit of extra winter warmth, and I just can’t get over the gorgeous, glamorous purple colour. As for Hunter, you can actually get the pattern for one of Alice’s creations using this wool – the Porthcawl Shawl can be found here.


This double-knit yarn is called Dapple and is cleverly dyed to make each skein individual, even though the colours are the same each time. So, whatever you make out of it will be completely unique! I would love to wrap up in a cosy jumper splashed with all those bright colours, which have been likened to summer pansies – perfect for brightening these dark winter days.

Speaking of dark winter days, Inkwell is a perfect match for a rainy evening – curling up indoors, wearing a jumper in this brooding navy, watching raindrops chase each other down the window pane. (I know I said I wanted a jumper made from Dapple, but to be honest, I want jumpers in every colour!)

I could talk about every single yarn on Alice’s website, but we’d be here all day – instead, why not go and look for yourself? You can also find some of Alice’s own patterns and a lovely selection of stitch markers. Pass the message on to your craft-loving friends, too, or anyone in search of some beautiful, hand-made, unique yarns.

Make sure you follow Alice Yarn on Instagram and Facebook to keep yourself updated – not only will you get the first looks at any new products but you will have the chance to enter giveaways and competitions!


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